Linux at Home.
osjensen, ons jan 20 2021, 20:27

Nu da mange, tilbringer meget tid hjemme, er der måske god tid til at se på linux-software, til div. formål.

I google-chrome, højre-klik, oversæt, hvis nødvendigt.

Linux at Home:
Digital Music Production Digital Audio Workstations
Creative Writing Pen a classic novel or screenplay
Digital Art Paint and draw directly onto a computer
Genealogy Research your family tree
Embroidery Craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle
Collaborating Edit documents collaboratively in real-time
Astronomy Explore the universe from your garden
DOOM Gaming Take a break and play classic DOOM
Brew Beer Weave malt and hops and yeast together in unique combinations
Home Security CCTV solutions to protect your home
RSI Reduce and prevent repetitive strain injury
Cross-stitching A form of sewing and a popular form of counted-thread embroidery
Exercising Keeping fit can be a challenge with lockdown
Gardening Plan your perfect garden with these great tools
Cooking Home cooking is an activity that’s great for individuals and families

Alle kategorierne, er nederst på siden.

Søg i synaptic, og se om softwaren let kan installeres og afprøves.
Nogle er der, andre ikke.