PCLinuxOS MATE Edition 2019.07 Release zstd
allanadmin, tor aug 01 2019, 11:55

PCLinuxOS MATE Edition 2019.07 Release zstd
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PCLinuxOS MATE ISO Edition has been updated and now available for download at

md5sum: 59e9870beb1624659c4185701c7d99f0
Size: 2.0 gig

We decided to compress our MATE Edition ISO in zstd compression format instead of the actually used xz compression format. Zstd archives are marginally larger, but the system boots faster with it. The system installs in no time and applications start in a flash from the live media.

Kernel 5.2.1
MATE 1.22.1
PulseAudio 12.99.1

This ISO comes with the standard compliment of MATE applications plus LibreOffice. Some additional applications include

– Timeshift – backup and restore utility
– Bitwarden – a free and open source password management solution
– RawTherapee – photo manipulation software(Gimp also included)
– Megasync – store your files in the cloud
– Teamviewer – control another computer from yours
– Simplenotes – a note-taking application with markdown support
– Kodi – a multimedia center
– Kazam – a screen capture utility
– Calibre – the one stop solution for all your e-book needs.

Plus much much more like Firefox, Thunderbird, Strawberry music player and VLC.

– fully updated as of 19 July 2019

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