PCLinuxOS LXQt 2019.02 ISO
allanadmin, fre mar 01 2019, 10:05

Community release: PCLinuxOS LXQt 2019.02 ISO
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First of all, it is the fourth release with LXQt 0.14. As experimental are some locales as default installed. To set the languages use pcc>system>Manage localization for your system.
Log out/in to display your favorite language. It’s use the Kernel 4.20.10, and UEFI Support. Applications include falcon, qmplay2, phototonic, pavucontrol-qt, grub-customizer, qpdfview, featherpad, brasero, file-roller and much more inside…
Download:community-pclinuxos64-lxqt-2019.02.iso (1.1Gb)
MD5SUM: 838b724ba111269b60d65171cf049b13

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