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Tux Machines blogs
  • Elephant and Its Ivory

    Elephant and Its Ivory

    LIVES at risk. This is a travesty. REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA'S MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, FORESTRY AND TOURISM: "We should manage elephants based on science and not emotions." By auctioning/selling off 170 live elephants? Give us a break. Oftentimes, animals were to make a sacrifice over humans because they are just "animals", so they can't speak to us, and can't protest. We're asked to assume they're just the least important, therefore we can eradicate (or "cull") them -- as simple as that. How I wish the the Animal Kingdom will become a force and burn this kind of society just to make a statement -- and then, maybe, humans will truly realise the value of animal rights. Shame on those African countries which don't give a shit about all those people who tirelessly devoted their time and life to protecting the wild animals, and specifically the elephants. Animals can't speak, but they can see you and they can feel you; just look into and gaze at their eyes, doesn't that give you goosebumps? Burn.

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  • Big Traffic in Tux Machines Ahead of 17th Anniversary

    Big Big Traffic
    Credit: Penguin rendering by Mogz

    THE Tux Machines site turns 17 in a couple of months and traffic has never been better. This past week it was on average 100,000 hits per day and later this month we will have posted the 150,000th node.

    Sorting out the news isn't a simple task, but with experience it gets a lot easier and we're glad to be a leading syndicator in that space.

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  • Migrating TuxMachines to a Bigger Server

    We are in the process of moving the TuxMachines Web site to a better server with more capacity and better hardware. There may be temporarily odd behaviour on the site (if data is accessed which is out of date).

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  • How can I Identify who SSH into my Linux System?

    Identifying who has logged into your system in Linux is way easier than the Windows Operating System.

    In Linux System whenever someone tries to log in using SSH is recorded by the log file, the log file is located in /var/log/auth.log. location can be different in other distribution.

    If you not found the auth.log file in your system try to execute the below command to view the log from systemctl.

    journalctl -u sshd |tail -100

    • -u (Show the user journal for the current)
    • sshd (SSH user created by system by default)
    • tail -100 (Print top 100 result from log file)

    journalctl of sshd,ret_img,w_300/ 300w,,ret_img,w_768/ 768w" sizes="(max-width: 910px) 100vw, 910px">
    User logged in using SSH

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  • Monitoring Tux Machines With Apachetop, Nmon and Htop

    Monitoring Tux Machines

    Summary: A little glimpse at how we monitor this site for DDOS attacks and general performance, especially now that DDOS attacks have already become pervasive and routine (Apachetop helps identity attack patterns and visual, colourful alerts are triggered in Nmon and Htop)

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