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Tux Machines blogs
  • Photos: 15-Year Anniversary Party
  • Tux Machines Over the Past 15 Years


    Tux Machines site in 2005


    Tux Machines site in 2010


    Tux Machines site in 2012


    Tux Machines site in 2013

    Late 2013

    Tux Machines site in late 2013


    Tux Machines site in 2014


    Tux Machines site in 2015


    Tux Machines site in 2019

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  • Happy 15th Anniversary to Tux Machines

    Anniversary of Tux Machines

    Summary: Anniversary of Tux Machines is today, a special anniversary too

    Today Tux Machines is celebrating its 15th year of existing. When we bought the website it was about 10 years old, so kudos to Susan Linton who devoted time to make and keep the site on pace. We promise to keep the website up to date with lots of insightful OSS/FOSS/Linux/Android-related articles. We hope to continue the job well into the distant future.

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  • Coming Shortly: 15-Year Anniversary

    Cake on the way...

    read more

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  • Tell Us About Your (or Others') GNU/Linux Blogs

    THE MEDIA online is dying. It's no secret. Not all sorts of media are dying but traditional media struggles to survive. Causes for these have been explained for years if not more than a decade. This won't be the subject of this post.

    Tux Machines does not produce a lot of original material. Susan used to publish GNU/Linux reviews (with galleries of screenshots), but other than that we mostly cluster and syndicate news. This has been the case for nearly 15 years (our anniversary is next month).

    Each year it feels like mainstream media produces a lot less stories (not just about GNU/Linux but about anything, in general terms). So we're 'mining' more and more RSS feeds, typically of blogs. Do you have a GNU/Linux blog or know one/s you wish to recommend? Let us know in the IRC channel because we always hunt for more news sources, no matter if they're 'mainstream' or not as long as they're credible, reliable, and on topic.

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